Investment Opportunities in Sri Lanka: Market Overviews and Project Presentations

February 2, 2015, 15:00 conference

On February 2nd, the Digital October Center will play host to a conference entitled, “Investment Opportunities in Sri Lanka: Market Overviews and Project Presentations,” which is being organized by InvestLanka, a Russian investing and consulting firm, along with D.L.F. De Saram, a law firm, and Nation Lanka Equities, a stock brokering firm, and with the support of the Sri Lankan Embassy in the Russian Federation.

Current and potential trends in Sri Lankan investments will be discussed over the course of the conference. Speakers will offer a full and complete analysis of the macroeconomic and political situations, as well as data on the main investment trends and current projects in Sri Lanka.

Light will be shed on a number of general and specific questions, the answers to which are important for making decisions about investments in Sri Lanka. These will include:

  1. The civil and political situation: the current regime, its legitimacy and direction, the conditions that have led to its internal conflicts, the investment security situation (organized crime, state guarantees), public opinion, and an overview of the legal system;
  2. The economic situation: a general overview of the country’s macroeconomic situation, details on its most interesting sectors, and a presentation on the most intriguing investment possibilities;
  3. A detailed overview of investments in the tourist sector: the current situation and perspectives for growth in the hotel business, methods for registering land property rights, and a presentation on Sri Lanka’s most interesting projects;
  4. A detailed overview of the foundation market.


After the presentation, guests will have the opportunity to ask experts their most pressing questions in a question and answer session.


Invited Speakers:

InvestLanka – a Russian investment and consulting firm based in Sri Lanka which acts as a front-end system, providing complex services for foreign investors: from helping to choose which sector to invest in to managing ready projects.
Speaker: Aleksey Smirnov, Managing Director

DL&F De Saram – the oldest law firm in Sri Lanka. With a 120-year long history, DL&F De Saram is one of the unquestioned leaders in the legal services market. Their clients include the majority of international corporations working in Sri Lanka number.
Speaker: Savanta De Saram, company partner and great-grandson of the founder

Nation Lanka Equities – one of the leading brokering funds in Sri Lanka, member of Colombo, the stock brokering exchange, and the daughter company of Nation Lanka Finance PLC, one of the leaders in Sri Lanka’s financial market, which was founded in 1987.
Speakers: Asanga Seneviratne, Chairman of the Board of Directors; Adjan Punchikheva, Managing Director

You can register for the event through its organizer:
Daria Dushutina, +7 915 0191872


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