Glavstart Investment Session

November 11, 2011, 19:00 conference

On November 11th, the fourth Venture Discounter investment session was held held at the Digital October Center. During it, the creators of projects selected by Glavstart analysts met with representatives from funds and private investors.

During the session, investors asked the participants questions and were able to assess their general preparation and knowledge of what niche their projects will occupy on the market. After the discussion, representatives from private equity fund RFK announced their willingness to extend their investment arm to each project. Some investors who had already indicated their interest in specific projects came to the session to get acquainted with their creators and discuss cooperation terms.

The following people participated in the investment session: private investors, as well as people just starting to consider investing in internet projects; creators of projects that are searching for investments; people interested in startups.

Session program:

6:00 PM: Presentation of the investment session program
6:10 PM: Project presentations; comments
7:30 PM: Investor announcement to project creators


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