Infographics with Andrey Skvortsov. To see and to understand

March 28, 2012, 19:30 master class


On March 28th at Digital October Andrey Skvortsov held a workshop on infographics and the art of clear and illustrative data presentation.

Andrey Skvortsov is CEO and co-owner of Mercator, the biggest Russian video infographics studio. Company’s projects are “Russia in numbers” (at Russia-24 TV-channel), “Moscow in numbers” (at Moscow 24) and infographics service of Russia 1 channel. Andrey Skvortsov is an author and co-author of hundreds of infographics clips and of the presentation films for major Russian and world companies (Vimetco, Orange, PWC, STADA, Kaspersky Laboratory, Yota, Rostelekom, RZHD, Sberbank, Gazprom etc.). He is gold medalist of New York presentation films festival and since 2010 took place at the festival’s jury in behalf of Russia. Andrey Skvortsov is academic of Russian Television Academy and also does the weather at NTV Channel (by his own words, “meteorologist education could not let him free”). He graduated Harvard Business School graduate (OPM), MBA AIBEc business school program, MSU geography faculty meteorology chair. Four-time record breaker at sky jumping.

Communication becomes more and more visualized today. Papers, TV, internet, speakers are talking with picture more and more often. As information expands the audience attention disseminates and it takes much longer time to find necessary data. One of the handy solutions of presenting of information is infographics. It helps to present statistical and quantitative data to audience in a clear and illustrative way. Andrey Skvortsov, CEO and co-owner of one of the major Russian video infographics studios told how to work with infographics and what tasks it is able to complete. Andrey dealt with such issues as:

  • What are the basic infographics principles?
  • Do the business companies need infographics?
  • What tasks could be achieved with infographics?
  • How to make good infographics even you can’t draw?
  • How to evaluate professional infographics quality?
  • What are the types of infographics?
  • What are the features of video infographics?

In addition to this, Andrey spoke about the experience of infographics company creation, the basics of its successful operation: development methods, main principles, staff recruitment and training.

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