Gamification: New Coursera Hub

February 16, 2014, 17:00 Coursera Learning Hub

Learning hubs were created so that you would be able to chat with other interested people and understand how to implement what you are learning. During the first half of last year, this format was tested at several different locations (from Ohio to Moscow), and since the end of 2013 is in place around the world. The hubs in Russia, in particular, have been run by the Digital October Center since November.

The first lesson with Sergey Schukin (Hardcore Casual), the mentor for the Moscow gamification class, as well as Bayram Annakov (Empatika) and Sergey Abdulmanov (Mosigra), curators of practical projects, will begin on Sunday, February 16th.

You and the experienced practitioners on hand will go beyond the bounds of the course:

  • You will work in groups to gamify real projects, gaining practical experience and the opportunity to include these cases in your portfolio
  • All mechanics you will be using can be tested then and there, eliciting feedback
  • You will see how gamification is understood and understand via first-hand experience how the games work (yes, you will be playing them during the lessons themselves!)
  • You will also pick up a huge number of useful contacts


Lessons at the hub will be held once a week at Digital October’s facility, though the mentor and curators will also be offering individual consultations: throughout the course you will be able to sign up for 5-15 minute conversations during Skype “visiting hours” in order to discuss interesting problems, questions, or ideas with the pertinent specialist.

The experts will, from time to time, invite interesting guest speakers to appear at the hub:

scientists, entrepreneurs, and other professionals, all related in one way or another to the topics studied during the course.

Every lesson will require prior preparation, including watching all preceding materials from Kevin Werbach’s course and completing his exercises. You will also perform independent study, followed by a presentation to your colleagues of additional materials in order to expand the knowledge cloud. Completing the above is required, and failure to do so will result in being dismissed from future meetings.

Registration is closed.


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Managing Partner, Hardcore Casual
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CEO of Empatika
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CMO, Mosigra

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