iConText: Master Class on Google Analytics

February 16 – 17, 2012, 10:00 master class

A well-known Moscow agency for contextual advertising will held at Digital October a two-day master class on Google Analytics.

Alexey Ilyin, head of the iContext consulting department, and Alexander Ivanov, head of web analytics in the same company, told about the Google Analytics system.

For those who have never heard about this system:

 Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google, which provides detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. It includes the number of unique visitors, clickthrough rate, traffic sources, rejection rate, page-viewing time and even the visitor’s browser.

Just think about whether you need to know which keywords people use to find your website, how to improve your sales with minimum expenses, to obtain proper audience, not to lose visitors, to make website more attractive… Some of our energetic readers had thought it through and hurried up to the iConText’s master class immediately

More information can be found at www.icontext.ru.


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