iConText: A Master Class on Google Analytics

June 7 – 8, 2012, 10:00 master class

On June 7−8, the company iConText held a master class on Google Analytics, Theory+practice, at the Digital October Center.

The two-day iConText master class, which lasted for 10 hours in total, aimed at complete submersion in all theoretical and practical aspects of work with Google Analytics. The master class was useful for everyone who wanted to obtain the full range of abilities in working with the leading counter of the Web: you knew how to carry out a precise analysis of an audience, objectively evaluate active advertising campaigns (media, contextual), and, most importantly, increase the effectiveness of the work of your website.

All theory was accompanied with practice in a real-time regime.

After master class, you're able yourself to answer the questions:

  • Where on my site am I losing visitors?
  • How can I obtain better-quality traffic?
  • Can sales be improved without increasing expenditures for advertising?
  • What kind of marketing activity is most effective?
  • How can a site be made more attractive to clients? 
  • What are visitors doing on the site?
  • Through what keywords and questions are people finding my site?
  • What can and can’t be learned from an analytical report?

Presenters: Director of Development of iConText Timofey Putintsev and Head of the Division of Web Analysis of iConText Alexander Ivanov.


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