Master Class in Google Analytics

May 26, 2011, 10:00 master class

On May 26 and 27, Digital October conducted a two-day master class dedicated to the theoretical and practical work aspects of Google Analytics Service.

iConText, the contextual advertising agency, was organizing the event.

The master class proved to be useful for anybody who wanted to completely master the skills needed to work with the premier web counter – the audience learned how to perform an accurate analysis of your web data, do objective appraisals of ad campaigns (both media and contextual), and most important, enhance the effectiveness of your site.

The master class covered questions like the following:


  • Why do visitors leave my site?
  • How can I get higher quality traffic?
  • Can I improve sales without increasing my advertising costs?
  • What marketing strategies are most effective?
  • How can I attract more customers to my site?
  • What do visitors to my site do?
  • What key words and queries get people to my site?
  • What can and can’t be learned from analysis reports?



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