i-COMference 2015

March 17, 2015, 09:30 conference


On March 17th, the Digital October Center will play host to i-COMference, an annual conference on online social and mobile communications.  The event is being organized by ROTsIT and theRunet, with additional support from the Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC).

i-COMference is a conference dedicated to Internet communications. That’s where the typo came from – and why it remained – in the word “conference”. When we say “online communications”, we mean the widest possible spectrum of tools that examine the Internet as a communicative platform and make it possible to bring information to individuals and unite them around ideas, projects, and brands.

During i-COMference, we will attempt to show you the most relevant communicative tools and new ways of interacting with the public. You can learn how to set up context advertising and draw banners at other conferences. At our conference, every year, we closely examine the communicative mechanics of social media and mobile platforms, the ever-changing world of online media, the tempestuous ecosystem of online video, and, of course, content as a basis for communication on the Internet.

Times of crisis call for their own rules where the communications market is concerned. They force people to exploit their potential in a different way, to activate their creative resources and to economize on commercial ones. In 2015, we will attempt to put together the best anti-crisis cases and discuss issues such as: media consumption and media consumers in Russia and the world, advertising and advertising technology, mobile platforms and communications, online video and video advertising, crowdfunding, and working with organizations. There will also be a separate block of programming dedicated to Digital Goods.

As always, participants will have the opportunity to choose between the formats that are most interesting to them:

  • Panel discussions – short speaker presentations of 5-10 minutes each over the course of an hour-and-a-half long timeslot;
  • Workshops and master classes: cases and practical applications for communications in new media and mobile platforms;
  • Mono-lectures – original presentations given by acknowledged industry experts. During this section, communications gurus will discuss their views on the market and its issues, the application and development of technological solutions, and the past and future of communications platforms.


Register for i-COMference www.i-COMf.ru

If you’d like to participate as a section organizer or speaker, contact us at prog@i-COMference.ru . Attach a section proposal or presentation thesis to your e-mail.

See you at i-COMference 2015!

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