Greenfield Feedback: Three Rules for Getting Started in E-сommerce

June 28, 2013, 19:00 master class

On June 28 the GreenfieldProject team held another Feedback meeting at the Digital October Center. The event focused on the tool set necessary for everyone working or getting ready to work in the e-commerce market.

The first half of the event was dedicated to speeches given by experts.

Ilya Aizen (Flocktory) talked about word of mouth as a measurable tool to increase existing customers’ loyalty and attract new ones.

Nikolay Mikhailovsky (NTR Labs) explained how to influence consumer behavior through understanding purchase cycles and steps.

Alexey Kulichevsky (Oh My Stats) shared his experience with analysis and matrix processing while giving the low-down on where to find good marketing specialists.

The second half of Greenfield Feedback featured presentations of recently opened projects. Participants and lecturers at the event were able to evaluate the potential of those startups, pointing out the weaknesses in their business models and promotion strategies.


652 show Ilya
co-founder of Flocktory
538 show Nickolay
Founder and CEO of POldo, Co-founder of NTR Lab
651 show Alexey
CEO and cofounder of Oh my Stats
624 show Michael
co-founder at GreenfieldProject, Medstart


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