Advanced Google Analytics

April 9, 2013, 11:00 workshop

On April 9th, the Digital October Center hosted a training session from the analysts at i-Media. This event focused on getting acquainted with the finer points of Google Analytics, which will simplify the routine processes of running reports and checking them for accuracy. It also featured information on other useful business tools.

Participants learned how to create user filters, personalize reports and remarket scripts, study statistics, and analyze the effectiveness of links on their websites. Speakers also discussed useful expansions for Google Analytics and presented an overview of programs like Visual Website Optimizer, AdFox, AdRiver, and Call Tracking, and explained how to combine them to create new business solutions.

Many of the techniques guests heard about have already been tested in real-life situations.

The training program consisted of three hour-and-a-half long sessions:

  1. Google Analytics Advanced Settings
  2. Working with your interface
  3. Data Analysis


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