Global Service Jam Moscow

February 24 – 26, 2012, 17:00 jam session

A jam session literally means “a good time.” This easy-on-the-ears term describes collaborative work on a project, when professionals (usually musicians) get together and do something without special preparation or a defined agreement. Anyone can participate in the improvisation.

Just such an event was held on February 24-26 at the Digital October Center, only not to come up with music but with useful services.

Global Service Jam is a jam session of designers, artists, programmers, engineers, managers, and even psychologists dedicated to service design. It is held simultaneously in 92 cities around the world. Participants are divided into teams, the organizer announces a theme, and work on the projects begins.

The rest is up to the participants. Only they know what they’ll come up with by the end of the session. Maybe it will be a center of technological entrepreneurship for dolphins or a restaurant for the homeless.

Let’s try to explain using last year’s example:

One fine Friday evening, teams participating in the Global Service Jam around the world heard the declaration of one common theme: Superheroes. Teams started to work: inventing, communicating, and consulting with mentors and project supervisors. The result was a ton of good ideas capable of changing the world for the better. Websites, models, mockups, and movies––see them for yourself.


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