General Assembly: How to Build a Social Audience

May 15, 2013, 19:00 master class

On May 15th as part of its program jointly run with the General Assembly the Digital October Center hosted a live discussion by Peg Samuel, an American expert experienced in working with online audiences on “how not to get sidetracked in a sea of communication.”

Specially invited Russian social media experts were also speaking with the guests.

Peg has more than ten years of experience in marketing and is a new media and promotion consultant primarily for fashion and beauty brands, having worked with NBC Olympic Games and the 55th Grammy Awards. She is known among SMM professionals as “Social Diva.”

This deferential nickname gave her the idea for her company, a sort of KupiVip for events, and also became the name of her book. During the lecture Peg  explained how to create an active online community around a product.

Participants in the Moscow General Assembly also learned:

  • how to target a new media audience and figure out where potential clients are hiding;
  • how to give your brand its own voice, build a short list of primary channels to reach your audience and spark their interest;
  • which tools are best suited to evaluate the effectiveness of your SMM.


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