Guy Kawasaki’s First Moscow Master Class

October 3, 2013, 09:30 master class


On October 3rd, 2013, the Digital October Center will host a master class entitled “Developing Digital Strategies: the Latest Tools and Technologies”, featuring Guy Kawasaki and Scott Klososky.

During this master class, Guy Kawasaki, who is known as one of Apple’s first employees, a business guru, and the author of best-selling books on sales, marketing, and business development, will share his experiences and answer audience questions. The event will also feature Guy Kawasaki’s partner, Scott Klososky, who is a world-renowned tech speaker, a successful Internet entrepreneur, and the head of the company Future Point of View. Over the course of his career, he has worked with such companies as Cisco, IBM, eBay, Volvo, Marriott, and many more.

Guy Kawasaki will give the keynote speech, and Scott Klososky will lead a five-hour long master class, in which he will discuss how to develop the ideal digital marketing strategy for products and companies and will introduce marketing tools that are currently being used by the leading companies in the USA, but are new to the Russian market.

“There are people whose vision goes beyond their times, visionaries. These people are one in a million, and to meet them, to hear about their experiences, to be inspired by their nontraditional ideas and business cases, to have the chance to talk to them is a great stroke of luck, as well as a chance to learn how to think outside the box,” says Maria Chernitskaya, General Director of the iConText Company.

Guy Kawasaki and Scott Klososky’s master class will be of interest to Internet marketing professionals, business owners, executives, the heads and specialists of marketing and sales departments, brand managers, PR managers, development department heads, startup founders, and journalists.

“We are very glad that Guy Kawasaki is going to be speaking in Moscow. He’s a person who has had legendary experiences, who came to Apple when it was just starting out and developed Macintosh’s unique promotion strategy. It was thanks to his work that Macintosh made a successful debut on the market and definitively shattered the position of its rival, IBM. The quintessence of Guy Kawasaki’s invaluable experience, along with the practical exercises that his partner, Scott Klososky puts to use in leading Western companies, will give you a fresh look at the potential of promotion, Internet marketing, and sales,” notes Nadezhda Shilova, Director of the advertising agency ADLABS.

This event is being organized by iConText, a contextual ad agency, and ADLABS, an advertising agency.

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