Founders Night Out: FI accelerator launch at the Pub Summit

April 26, 2013, 19:00 informal meeting

On April 26 the Digital October Center combined two start-up events: Founders Night Out, a traditional party hosted by the “silicon” accelerator in celebration of the opening of its new department, and Pub Summit, an informal gathering of investors and entrepreneurs.

DO’s Progress Bar was attended by experts working on FI Moscow’s May enrollment, the Moscow accelerator’s directors Peter Tatischev and Maria Adamian, the Enterprise Ireland team, as well as representatives of the local ecosystem: investors, technical and other specialists, entrepreneurs and journalists.

The event was worth attending if:

  • one wanter to expand your network of business contacts;
  • one was looking for people for their project, or, on the other hand, were looking for a project to join;
  • one is interested in tech entrepreneurship;
  • one wanted to learn more about the educational programs offered by Founder Institute;
  • one just liked to celebrate the official release of FI Moscow with us.

About Founder Institute

In three years Founder Institute has already helped release more than 700 projects across every continent. FI is an international network of accelerators represented in 42 cities around the world with almost a thousand experts focused on giving young entrepreneurs access to the best practices developed by the leading tech companies of the Silicon Valley.

The first Founder Institute program in Russia will begin on May 13 at the Digital October Center. Applications will be reviewed until the end of April.

About Pub Summit

The second Moscow Pub Summit is a part of a network of open and informal meetings for the tech communities of different countries and continents built by the Dublin and London Web Summit team in 2013 along with local partners.

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