Founder Institute: Final Information Session

April 22, 2013, 19:00 informational seminar

On April 22nd, the Digital October Center hosted an information session designed to help you learn more about the Founder Institute Moscow program scheduled to begin at our center in May. This was the last public event sponsored by the startup accelerator before the start of the founders’ first educational program in Russia.

Event participants had the opportunity to speak with Peter Tatischev, one of the directors of FI Moscow and curator of the Digital October Center. His previous activities include founding the Greenfield Project and heading The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration’s InCube business incubator, as well as launching several successful (and unsuccessful) businesses.

Peter presented an overview of Founder Institute’s educational program and explained how the ‘founders’ can help fledgling entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts to launch their ideas and companies and bring them out onto the global stage.

At the April 22nd information session one could learn:

  •  what kinds of projects and ideas the accelerator is designed for;
  • how Founder Institute selects its candidates;
  • what kinds of sessions and modules make up FI Moscow’s evening education classes, and who will teach the classes;
  • what FI students will get out of the accelerator, what a ‘founder’ certificate does and does not guarantee;

About Founder Institute:

In the three years since its founding, the Founder Institute business accelerator has already helped to launch over 700 projects over five continents. FI is an international network made up of accelerators based in 42 cities throughout the world and nearly a thousand experts focused on helping young entrepreneurs gain access to the kinds of best practices used by the leading technological companies of Silicon Valley.

The first Founder Institute program in Russia will begin on May 13th at the Digital October Center. Applications from candidates will be considered through the end of April.

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