Founder Institute: Starting Your Own Business

January 15, 2014, 18:30 master class

His story began in 1994. Adeo Ressi, the future founder of startups collectively valued at $2 billion, had dropped out of college to start his own business. Before that, his only professional experience had been with a beverage business (what else?) for students, which he had launched along with another very interesting character.

15 years later, Ressi had made four successful ‘exits’, and had also come to the realization that a tech entrepreneur’s career doesn’t have to end at 30. The knowledge, experience, and expert support offered by TheFunded, the organization he had founded, helped Adeo to launch Founder Institute, an accelerator program for people who want to try their hand at business and where, over the course of four months, he and other mentors would help to vet and execute the early versions of a large-scale product.

Now, just three years later, there are local branches of FI in 55 cities all over the world, including Moscow. Their teaching staffs are always made up of people who have already made significant achievements in entrepreneurship themselves.

Some other important characteristics that set FI apart are:

  • the fact that our accelerator is not aimed at preparing specific products, but people who have shown a high degree of potential for founding a promising company
  • and the fact that our students can try their hands at opening a business without immediately quitting their day jobs (the training takes place in a night school format),


On January 15th, Founder Institute Moscow will host an open meeting with the mentors for the program’s second semester. They will share their own stories: how and when they decided that they were ready to build their own dream companies, how they overcame their doubts, and what successes and failures they encountered as they set out on their entrepreneurial paths.

The directors of FI Moscow will talk about the program’s first students: those who used what they learned there in order to open their own businesses and those who have set aside their ideas for the time being, choosing to work for a salary for a while, having lived the entrepreneurial lifestyle for a couple of months already.

Here, you will have the opportunity to receive more information about Founder Institute in Moscow (where classes will be starting in February of 2014).

Participation is free. Just register and come to the Digital October Center.


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