Founder Institute: Making The Pitch

January 20, 2014, 18:30 master class

On January 20th at the Digital October Center, Founder Institute Moscow, the first Russian offshoot of the international accelerator aimed at producing entrepreneurs rather than projects, will host one of its most popular events: Startup Pitch Bootcamp, a practicum on how to create short oral presentations showcasing your ideas and projects.

Mentors and executives from the training program, who have given and heard a large number of pitches aimed at various audiences (potential partners, clients, investors, co-founders, and co-workers), will discuss:

  • how to develop pitches tailored for different business types and situations, and how to recognize when you’ve laid your idea out clearly – and impressively – enough,
  • how to prepare for presentations and interaction with your audience,
  • the most common mistakes made by inexperienced presenters,
  • and finally, attendees will have the chance to try their hands at making 60-second pitches, after which they will receive feedback from the audience and the experts. Most importantly, you’ll get plenty of practice!


Participation is free. All you have to do is register.

Moreover, event goers will have the opportunity to take FI’s online test measuring entrepreneurial potential for free; usually, it costs $50 (which goes towards processing the results).

You will receive your assignment via e-mail shortly following the event: it will take approximately one hour to complete, and will require a great deal of motivation on your part. FI won’t reveal your overall score, but, seeing as this test is the only requirement for admission to the program, if your score is sufficiently high, you’ll be invited to enroll in the next Moscow semester, which begins in February. However, taking this test doesn’t put you under any obligations – if you decide not to launch the company of your dreams with us.

Founder Institute is a for-profit night school for fledgling tech entrepreneurs

(and those looking to start) in which, over the course of four months, experienced mentors help students find a sustainable business model, put together a team, create an early version of a product, write a project development check-list, and, finally, found a company that’s ready to receive investments.

One thing that sets FI apart is that our admissions process doesn’t evaluate the quality of any one particular idea, but of the applicant him or herself. Some other traits that make the program unique are:

  • you don’t have to quit your day job to make your first steps in the business world,
  • you will work with your chosen market on a regular basis,
  • and the strict culling process that goes on throughout the course of the program guarantees the survival of the resulting businesses 89.5% of the time.


This project, which was launched in California by serial entrepreneur Adeo Ressi a little over three years ago, now boasts branches in 55 cities all over the world. Graduates of the night school have launched over one thousand tech companies, including such famous projects as Uderny and Getable. 26% of our graduates are women.

Ressi himself led the last pitch session in Moscow, while he was in the city for TechCrunch Moscow 2013. We highly recommend watching the video recording of this event when you get the chance.


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