Founder Institute: Q&A Session with the Directors of FI Moscow

April 8, 2013, 19:00 informational seminar

On April 8th, Founder Institute Moscow hosted a new info session at the Digital October Center.

The directors of FI Moscow, Maria Adamian and Peter Tatischev, welcomed those who skipped the March 25th information session, thinking that the Founder Institute’s Russian affiliate would never get off the ground, as well as those who would like to create a global project from the ground up, working with mentors at home and abroad, and taking the first steps towards building a new company while remaining at their present job.

At the April 8th info session, one could learn:

  •  How many people have already applied to FI Moscow, and why people want to study there.
  • What other local and foreign mentors have confirmed their participation in the Moscow program.
  • How many people will be accepted into the course, how applicants will be chosen, and how the international Founder Institute determines whether or not a person has that entrepreneurial ‘spark’.
  • What sections and lectures will be featured in the FI program, and how that program has been proven successful throughout the world.
  • What participants will get out of the program, and what to expect (and not expect) from the “founders”.
  • Other information about the launch preparations for the Moscow accelerator.

After the general lecture, Maria and Peter took questions from the audience about Founder Institute’s work in Russia – both as part of the presentation and individually.

About the “Founders”:

In the three years the Founder Institute business accelerator has already helped to launch over 700 projects over five continents. FI is an international network made up of more than 40 accelerators and nearly a thousand experts focused on helping young entrepreneurs gain access to the kinds of best practices used by the leading technological companies of Silicon Valley.

Directors of the Founder Institute Moscow:

Maria Adamian is a curator of Digital October Center, and former head of the Business Incubator at the Higher School of Economics. She has worked on the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Nizhniy Novgorod. She has organized numerous events, including the TechCrunch Moscow and Life in Technology conferences, Geeks on a Plane’s visit to Moscow, and other international projects. She received her MBA from Seattle University.

Peter Tatischev is a curator of the Digital October Center and cofounder of the Greenfield Project. He has founded several businesses, both successes and failures. From 2011-2012, he headed the InCube business incubator at The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. He is a graduate of the Judge Business School at Cambridge University.

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