February 25, 2015, 09:00 conference

On February 25th, the Digital October Center will play host to FinNext-2015, the third annual financial innovation forum.

We won’t be able to wait out this crisis like we did the one in 2008-2009. If financial structures want to stay afloat, they must change. Perhaps 2015 will be the last year that it will be possible to make those changes. In the absence of significant investments, it is necessary to implement innovations that will yield fast results. The state has begun to act as a catalyst for change. In a time when the market can brook no mistakes, execution becomes critical. A good idea can become a groundbreaking innovation when it is coupled with perfect execution. The smartest, most incisive, and best-informed people will come out on top. How can you join the ranks of that elite? You’ll find out at FinNext-2015.

The forum will feature presentations from Oleg Tinkoff (Tinkoff Credit Systems), Vladimir Urbansky (Alfa-bank), Alexey Giyazov (Sberbank), Boris Dyakonov (the Tochka Project, Otkrytie Bank), Sergey Panov (“My Business”), Alexey Garyunov (Finsight Ventures), Alexander Lupachev (Russia Partners), Anton Inshutin (InVenture Partners), Alexander Lazarev (Maxfield Capital), Andrey Bliznyuk (Runa Capital), Vadim Yurko (Ingosstrakh), Vladimir Kanin (PayMe), Roman Potemkin (Instabank), Viktor Lysenko (Rocketbank), and other financial innovators. The forum will be chaired by Oleg Anisimov.

Major topics:

  • bank efficiency;
  • cloud technologies;
  • the prospects of ‘fintech’
  • the  future of payment;
  • customization;
  • multi-channel approaches;
  • Big Data.


This is a paid event. You can learn more at


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