FinNext 2013

February 21, 2013, 09:00 forum

When will Google start competing with Sberbank? How can a bank win the affection of its clients in the digital age? How can a bank launch an innovation catalyst without harming its existing banking business? One could find out the answers to all these questions at the FinNext 2013 innovation forum for the financial sector, which was held at Digital October on February 21.

The latest breakthroughs in the banking sector were unveiled at the forum. Discussions with top managers from some of Russia’s leading banks were also held as part of the forum. Discussion topics:

  • Innovation economics (the ROI of new solutions, integration problems with the bank’s main business processes, fighting for resources);
  • Business vs. IT in a bank – the harmony and struggle between these opposites (IT can either slow business or save the bank and protect it from ill-considered initiatives, in house IT or complete outsourcing?).

The practical aspects of implementing the latest technologies including developing mobile banking apps, self service at branches and new bank card technologies were all feature in the discussions.

The following guests took part in the forum: Alexander Zheleznyak (Probusinessbank), Alexey Korovin (Alfa Bank), Matthias Kröner (Fidor bank), Elena Makhota (PSB), Mircea Mihaesku (Sberbank), Ivan Pyatkov (PSB), Vladislav Solodky (Layf.SREDA) and Boulad Subanov (OTP).

Startup battle, a contest for innovative finance solutions, also took place at FinNext. Companies such as EasyFinance, Finlocator, “Moe delo”, Youscan, Rocketbank, Smartmarket, Lifepay, Zingaya,, YesCredit, MOBI.Dengi, Vsevkredit and others participated.

Reglament Media publishing house was the organizer of the event and the leading supplier of professional information for the finance sector in Russia. Life Group, Promsvyazbank, RVC, Svyaznoy Bank and the Skolkovo Foundation also supported the forum.

More detailed information about the forum can be found on its official website.

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