FI Moscow II: Developing Your Pitch with Adeo Ressi

December 8, 2013, 17:00 master class

DO’s Moscow-based accelerator for startup founders and representative of the international Founder Institute brand has announced its second round of admissions, and launched a series of free weekly get-to-know-you events with mentors and project leaders.

We kicked the series off with our Startup Pitch Bootcamp, which offered attendees the chance to show off their abilities to impress potential clients, partners, and co-workers via the art of the short and memorable oral presentation.

In just three hours, on December 8th, they went from learning what makes a good pitch work to creating their own versions together with FI founder and CEO Adeo Ressi.

A few years ago, Adeo asked participants of his most well known project,, what skills they had lacked when they were starting their own businesses. And thus the idea for Founder Institute was born: it was designed to be a training program where, over the course of several months, people who wanted to launch their own tech businesses but weren’t sure how could consult with local and international mentors and learn how to independently develop their ideas into viable products.

The project went global very quickly (it currently boasts over 50 branches all over the world), and its graduates include some truly famous faces: for example, the founders of Udemy. In the three short years of the program’s existence, one thousand individuals have already reaped the benefits of participation. In 2013, the first Russian students joined their ranks.

When the Digital October Center announced its first round of admissions for the Russian FI program in March, Adeo was very keen to participate in the event via live link-up, but his schedule wouldn’t allow it. In the wake of FI Moscow’s successes (we introduced 12 new companies onto the market and also generated interest in opening new branches in other cities), he just couldn’t keep himself away – especially since the announcement of our second semester coincided with Ressi’s arrival for the TechCrunch Moscow Conference.

Those who attended his free master class learned:

  • how to talk about complicated ideas in a simple way,
  • formulas for making a solid pitch – including examples,
  • the most common mistakes that presenters make – and how to avoid them,
  • and how to know when your pitch is impressive enough.


Afterwards, anyone who wanted to was given the opportunity to offer a 60-second pitch showcasing his or her idea in front of an audience made up of unfamiliar, but interested, individuals. Then, the presenters received feedback from other participants and experts on what they had done well and what could still use some work.

Before the master class, Adeo also explained how FI is structured: its meetings and mentors, as well as the conditions and opportunities offered by the program, which provides access to tried-and-true international practices and a global network of experts. Finally, he explained how to enroll.


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