FailOver Conference

April 10, 2015, 09:30 conference

“Five second rule!” A lot of internet projects work like that, focusing on how fast they can get their site going again after it drops. But how often do you catch it falling? Fault tolerance is a notoriously difficult issue that entails work on infrastructure, smart design, well-selected tests, and professional monitoring. With that said, all it takes is picking up the right tools to make that easy and much less time-consuming than running around picking things up off the floor.

On April 10 IT security and web development experts at the FailOver Conference will discuss how to reach 100% fault tolerance.


Why worry about fault tolerance?

A lot of people think this issue only affects major companies and sites with millions of hits each day. Not so fast: small projects also face both monetary losses and a spotty reputation if their site goes offline for even just an hour. Internet buyers are quick to move to a new store, while SaaS and business app clients will head over to more reliable competitors.

Take a moment to calculate how much site down time, restoring data, and trying to win back your sterling reputation would cost. A ticket to the FailOver Conference will run you hundreds of times less.

Why attend FailOver?

The organizational committee has put together a star-studded lineup of speakers for you, meaning this is your chance to hear in person and first-hand how monitoring works at, how Yandex.Tank is set up, and how Megafon uses BEM to keep its front end up and running.


Top five speakers at the conference and their topics:

  • Monitoring servers at the Group, Sergey Likhobabin, Group
  • Load testing: a crash course (you got it—we’re talking about Yandex.Tank), Aleksey Lavrenyuk, Yandex
  • BEM for a corporate web resource: front end fault tolerance, Dmitry Kobychenko, head site editor for
  • Boosting fault tolerance with wallets intact, Vitaly Gavrilov, Lenvendo
  • 10000x faster: effective tools to make your site even faster, Nikolay Matsievsky, WEBO Software


Conference program

Still haven’t made up your mind?

The FailOver Conference is your only shot at a thirty-minute individual consultation with the conference speakers.

Attendance in person costs 5000 rubles (beginning March 16), while you can join online for just 2000 rubles. Don’t forget to use your discount!

The conference will be held on April 10 at the Digital October Center located at 6 Bersenevskaya Nab., Str. 6, Moscow. An online broadcast and subsequent recording of the lectures will be available for those who cannot make the event.

Register before March 15 to buy tickets at the lowest possible rate:

  • Participate – 4000 rubles
  • Attend online – 1500 rubles



For all questions please call 8-800-250-1860 (toll-free), call +7 (495) 229-14-41, or email

1C-Bitrix is organizing the FailOver Conference.


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