Evernote Dev Meetup

April 27, 2012, 14:50 seminar

On April 27 in the Digital October Centre, the company Evernote held a meeting with developers of Evernote Dev Meetup that was dedicated to questions of the creation and integration of services and applications on the Evernote platform and possibilities of advancing partnership programs.

Evernote allows easy saving of information in any conditions with the aid of a computer or telephone and makes this information available for searching, editing, or viewing at any time and in any place. Clients can load Evernote for the majority of basic computers and mobile telephones. Additional information can be found on the official website www.evernote.com and on Twitter.

At the present time, thousands of developers have shown interest in the creation of products with the use of the free and open Evernote API, forming an ecosystem of applications integrated with the Evernote platform. The company regularly holds meetings with developers in those countries where many creators of interesting applications and services for various platforms live. Russia is one of these.

In the framework of the meeting, company representatives explained what integration with Evernote can provide for applications of a different type (from corporate services to mobile users of news sites) and answered questions of developers. Partners of Evernote also described their experience with integration.

The main attention was devoted to help in moving forward and transiting to the many-million-strong audience of Evernote users.


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