Technologies Connecting Society: Solving the Real Problems of Big Cities

February 15, 2012, 10:30 round-table

Kommersant Publishing House and Ericsson held the round table at Digital October.

The roundtable's experts, unrivaled masters in their field, discussed the following fascinating topics:

  • cloud technologies of a cloudless future and the narrow focus of broadband access;
  • transportation, utilities, energy, communications, security, education, and other things that can turn even the stupidest city into a smart one
  • the most innovative solutions for creating info-communications infrastructures for megapolises, gigapolises, and even terapolises.

Wipe your eyes and keep reading.

What challenges does the typical reader of this announcement expect in a big city? Traffic jams, pollution, bad roads, stupid traffic lights, inaccessible medicine, mediocre education. It's just a nightmare! But information and communication technologies exist for a reason: they can bring these terrible problems to a full stop.

How do they manage that? If you had sat down at the roundtable on February 15, you would have heard it all straight from the horse's mouth with your own ears!


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