What our national payment system will look like?

May 30, 2014, 09:00 conference

On May 30th, the Digital October Center will host the third annual ‘Electronic Payment Systems in Russia’ conference. This event is being brought to you by the interested parties themselves: representatives of Internet business and distribution networks, power and banking structures, and the owners and operators of Russian and international electronic payment systems.

In addition to the main program, which will include debates and discussions of relevant and timely issues (the national payment system, regulation and taxation, power structures and business, security, and instruments of engagement), the event will also include:

  • master classes modeled after the practices of middle-sized and big businesses,
  • an exhibition of Russian and foreign companies offering solutions in the field of electronic commerce and payment,
  • and a ‘Business Contacts Market’ where you will have the chance to conduct negotiations, present your product or service, and sign a contract right on the spot.


This is a ticketed event: admission will cost 13,200 rubles until May 1st, at which point the cost will increase to 17,000 rubles.

There is a special offer available to representatives of online stores: a fixed price of 10,600 per representative.

You can register and pay for your participation here.


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