Еmail, SMS and Social Media - Experiences of Effective Integration to Increase Sales

January 24, 2012, 11:00 seminar

CRM, SMM, SMS and e-mail — are indispensable instruments of a typical Russian businessman. When using them, one can't do without intellect and skill. Let’s explain it by a traditional January poem:


Be free to combine send-outs With advancing in social media!

In other words, without our workshop your send-out would look approximately like this:

UniSender workshop on e-mail marketing is inevitable. January, 24th – remember this date! Dear ladies and gentlemen, this is the last chance if you want to attend the workshop before the end of January at the lowest price! Hurry up! Since only our educational workshop on January 24th will teach you to see the subtle line between the useful send-out and spam on January, 24th.

While with our workshop, it would never look like this, but much better.


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