Harnessing the Sharing Economy for Urban Development

July 8, 2017, 18:30

Cities are growing at an accelerated pace, transforming the social, political and economic organization of the world. This growth creates new challenges for inclusiveness, resilience and sustainability. The recent explosion of digital platforms, which connect producers and consumers organizing transactions online, are altering the traditional patterns of economic relationships. Both exponential growth in urbanization and the spread of new digital platforms are leading to disruption and uncertainty in terms of the developmental challenges contemporary societies and governments face. 

This presentation will overview the main challenges about the proper use of available resources to achieve a sustainable development, understanding cities planning as the inherent arena to promote and foster the design of public policies that address the urban growth and the emergence of the sharing economy. Also, it will be focused on how to harness collaborative economy initiatives in order to address pressing developmental challenges in cities. How the sharing economy can contribute to building more inclusive cities?.In order to that, CIPPEC Cities Programa is working on a project to improve evidence-based public policies and programs, in collaboration with IDB-MIF, IDRC Canada and the Argentinian Ministry of Production. This initiative will also seek, through a collaborative approach among experts, to feed into and help define the Sharing Economy Pilot Project in Argentine cities.



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