Slideshow Design for Ordinary People

March 24, 2012, 11:00 master class

On March 24th Alexey Kapterev, independent presentation consultant, held at Digital October training on creation of slideshows that really change the world.

Alexey Kapterev is independent presentations consultant. He is lecturer at Graduate School of Business Aministration of Moscow State University and is practicing in Moscow. His clients are Yota, MTS, Afisha Rambler Joint Company, School of Management Skolkovo, Yandex. Alexey Kapterev is an author of one of the world most popular presentation on presentations “Death by Powerpoint” (1,7 million views) and Presentation Secrets book, which is used by Harvard MBA students in their studies.

The training at Digital October was helpful to anyone who has ever made presentations and would like to know how to make their thoughts more clear, entertaining and convincing to audience.

Most of the slideshows are rather poor. They are created in a hurry and with pain and have really ugly appearance. They are dull, complicated and meaningless. They are not only have no impact on the world. No one even needs them in this world. On March 24th at the seminar “Slideshow Design for Ordinary People” Alexey told how does this happen and how to make your slideshows from your foes to your friends. You could practically learn simple ways of quick editing and creation of really good slideshows which will be pleasant to do and to watch. The training was helpful for everyone who makes presentations and wanted to upgrade skills at a new, more professional level. If you not only create presentations but also speak using your slideshows than the skill of expressive and clear slideshow creation will allow to present your thoughts to audience in a clear, interesting and reasonable manner.


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