Digital Branding. Best Practice Guide

June 5 – 6, 2013, 10:00 summit

The Digital Branding summit was held at the Digital October center on June 5-6, during which company representatives and experts presented their ideas, case studies and strategies for creating a brand in the era of digital technology.

The program included insights and analyses into the most successful companies, an assessment of the influence of digital communications on traditional marketing methods and business, as well as examples of marketing challenges in new media:

  • Digital Branding — the rules of building a successful brand today and tomorrow;
  • The world's most successful companies;
  • Unique presentation formats: client + agency;
  • Content Management;
  • Brand Engagement Management;
  • Consumer Generated Content & Crowdsourcing;
  • Social PR. Managing reputations on the internet and social media;
  • Digital Targeting;
  • Digital CRM. Social media as a service strategy;
  • Integrated Campaigns. Media planning and evaluating the effectiveness of integrated campaigns;
  • Digital BTL. New opportunities – amazing results;
  • E-commerce & Social Shopping;
  • SoLoMo. Social, Local and Mobile. Integration & Opportunities.


05 June


Registration. Exhibition and welcome breakfast


Session1. Big Brands &Their Marketing Plans. Panel discussion


Session2. Digital as Part of Integrated Campaign. How to integrate social media for a successful marketing strategy. The digital ecosystem of a brand.


Session3. Co-Creating Brand Strategies. Content Management. UGC-Campaigns. Crowdsourcing,


Session4. Reputation Management. Social PR. Social Media Monitoring & Crisis Management.


Digital Networking Party

06 June


Session5. Digital BTL. New opportunities – amazing results. Digital Event. How to maximize the potential of location based marketing.


Session6. E-Commerce. Social Shopping & M-Commerce.


Session7. Social CRM. Social media as a service strategy. Community building and management.


Session8. Brand Engagement Management. Photo, Video, Mobile Apps, Games, Contexts. Augmented Reality. Engagement vs. Business Goals.


Session9Digital Brand Masters Workshops:

  • Mobile Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing Tools
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Content Strategy & Curation
  • Social Video — brand communication opportunities

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