Digital Branding 2012

June 5 – 6, 2012, 10:00 summit

On June 5–6, Digital October held the two-day summit Digital Branding 2012, at which representatives of the largest companies and leading world experts presented the rules of constructing a brand in the era of digital technologies.

The main annual event in the area of constructing a brand represented a unique possibility to become acquainted with the best examples of contemporary marketing and evaluate the effectiveness of digital communications in traditional marketing indicators.

The summit’s program included presentations by world experts and practical examples of the greatest brands — Procter&Gamble, Unilever, IKEA, Coca-Cola, Beeline, Samsung, МТС, Dell, Nokia, Microsoft, Opel, Adobe, Land Rover, Mars, Danone-Unimilk, Red Bull — and master classes given by leading advertising agencies.



June 5

Registration of delegates. Exhibition and welcoming breakfast


Session 1. Marketing Leadership in the Digital World: the evolution of digital marketing and analysis of the basic technologies that will influence communications, consumer behavior, and business in the next 5 years

Session 2. Measuring Social Media Campaigns against Business Goals: assessment of communications in social media in customary marketing indicators

Session 3. Advantages and Challenges of Social Media Integration into Marketing Strategy: advantages and peculiarities of integration of social media into marketing strategy. How could customer insight refine marketing strategy and improve customer satisfaction

Session 4. Expert discussion (3 in parallel):
• Likes & Fans vs. Sales & Loyalty. How can ROI Social Media Marketing be backed up? Strategies of assessing the profitability of expenses on social marketing. Engagement vs. Communication Goals.
• Integration of social media across an organization: implementation of social media in a large organization. Possibilities and mistakes.
• Digital Media Mix: media planning of digital communications. Existing approaches and metrics. Traditional media instruments and digital possibilities. Customer Insight and Analytics in the Digital World: round table of the committee of AKAR interactive agencies.

Digital Networking Party. Strelka Bar

June 6

Session 5. Brand Engagement Management: contests, games, video, content and applications — how to plan, measure, and manage engagement

Session 6. Social Shopping and E-commerce: information on purchases, geolocation, recommendations, group discounts and offers, online purchases and click-to-buy possibilities

Session 7. Mobile, Social and Local. Integration & Opportunities

Session 8. Digital Brand Masters Workshops:
• Mobile marketing.
• Selling Brand in Social Media. Social Media Toolbox.
• Creating content that your customers care about.
• E-commerce as an instrument of fighting for the consumer.

Speakers of the summit:
Dmitry Zelenin
 — Association of Managers, President;
Dmitry Repin — Digital October, CEO;
Greg Dale — comScore, Executive VP;
Jan Rezab —, CEO & co-founder;
Evgeny Evsikov — Coca-Cola, Interactive Manager;
Elena Pshenova — Mars, Bite-size Category Manager Marketing Chocolate;
Ekaterina Barabanova — Danone Unimilk, Digital Communications Manager;
Shannon Cullum — Saatchi&Saatchi Russia, CEO;
Tatyana Timofeeva — P&G, Brand Operations Integration Manager;
Andrey Chernyshov — AdWatch Isobar, CEO;
Nicolas Johnson — IKEA, Marketing Manager;
Yury Dolzhenko — Unilever, AXE Brand Manager;
Aleksey Savilov — Nokia, Head of Marketing Activation and Digital Marketing;
Pavel Romanovsky — Socialist, CEO & co-founder;
Maria Kosareva — Opel, Marketing Communications Manager;
Yury Davydov — R&I Group, CEO;
Snezhana Sdvizhkova — VTB24, Vice President;
Roman Stepanov — MTS, Youth Marketing Head;
Marat Rakaev — Dell, PR Department Head;
Marina Akulich — MTS, Blog-Secretary;
Andrey Azarov — TNK-BP, Digital Marketing Manager;
Andrey Anishchenko — Grape, CEO;
Yaroslav Popov — Engage,  CEO;
Daniil Danin — Social Craft, CEO;
Yuliya Udovenko — TRAFFIC, Strategic Planning & Marketing Director;
Anton Tsapun — РА TWIGA, Internet Director;
Anton Nosik — SUP Media, Media Director;
Tatyana Arintseva — Jaguar Land Rover, Social Media Manager;
Igor Piskunov — Mosaic, Client Service Director;
Aleksey Savishchev — RebBull;
Mikhail Geysherik — Grape, Social Media Director;
Elena Rodionova — Reckitt Benckiser, Clearasil Brand-Manager;
Ilya Solonsky — Deasign, Creative Director;
Kati Sulin — Fazer Group, Online Dialogue Director;
Jana Mazurova — Svyaznoy Bank, Marketing & Retail Department Director;
Maksim Zakhir — M.Video, E-commerce Director;
Ivan Vladimirov — Groupon, Commercial Director;
Dmitry Yakovlev —, Development Director;
Anton Baranchuk — AlterGeo, CEO;
Romek Jansen — MRMLOGIQ, founder;
Irina Zaitseva — Mobi Mark, Commercial Director;
Sergey Ezyk — Microsoft, group lead Windows Phone.

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