Denis Dovgopoliy: Why Corporations Are Losing to Start-ups?

July 8, 2013, 16:00 master class


On July 8 the Digital October Center and Founder Institute Moscow held an open meeting with Denis Dovgopoliy, one of the key figures in the post-soviet start-up ecosystem, co-founder of the local Startup Crash Test series and GrowthUP, Ukraine’s first accelerator, and one of the organizers of IDCEE and SVOD.

Denis, who is also one of the global FI start-up accelerator’s mentors, visited Moscow to offer consultations to FI Moscow participants. Before those consultations he ran a master class for any who would like to attend as an extension of the entrepreneurship course he teaches at MIM-Kyiv, a leading Ukrainian business school.

This was a return to a topic already mentioned at DEMO Europe: corporations are losing ground and their status and even survival is in doubt, giving start-ups the opportunity to take the fate of the business world into their own hands.

Dovgopoliy expanded on that idea and delve into two trends that more than any others will influence the business world of the future. He also discussed two key vulnerabilities of corporations and explained how it happened that up to 90% of major players are no longer able to exist in the market as they currently are.

Denis also:

  • talked about why only 2% of tech entrepreneurs think globally, and why they are perfectly capable of taking over the IT industry along with any other they might target
  • discussed why corporations have gotten away from creating value and instead, in most cases, create instead “pseudo-innovations”
  • mentioned why it is worth staying away from the 4P model in favor of the customer development approach
  • disclosed who “synthetic specialists” are and why entrepreneurs should target them before anyone else
  • answerd questions that came up.

Denis is the founder and managing partner of the BVU Group, which includes GrowthUP accelerator, the rapid prototyping laboratory Geex Lab, and the consulting firm BayView Innovations.

He got into the start-up industry in the mid-2000s and since then has been able to release a number of projects, land roles on the boards of directors and advisory boards of several Russian and Ukrainian start-ups, and work as a co-organizer of the key industry conference Investor Day Central & Eastern Europe (2007-2011).

Facts about the lecturer:

  • published Steve Blank’s The Four Steps to the Epiphany in Russian
  • runs a popular blog in Russian discussing investments and tech entrepreneurship
  • played an active role in AmBAR from 2005-2009 as a member of the Silicon Valley Open Doors executive committee.


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