Debates: “Defending Intellectual Property: Stealing Is Bad vs. Sharing Is Good”

September 12, 2012, 19:00 debates

On September 12, a debate took place on the theme “Defending Intellectual Property: Stealing Is Bad vs. Sharing Is Good” in the Digital October center. The event was organized by Debate Night with the support of the consulting agency Rumyantsev and Partners.

In the course of the debates, the “contra” position was defended by the leader of the Party of Pirates, Pavel Rassudov; Representative of the General Director of the TNT television network Vladimir Chopov; and Head of the Association of Film and Television and Head of the STV film company Sergei Selyanov.

Their opponents were Head of the Division of Legal Policy and Public Development of the Skolkovo foundation Alexei Ivanov, Acting Director of Wikimedia Stanislav Kozlovsky, and Director of the National Federation of Phonogram Producers Leonid Agronov.

Oleg Rumyantsev — a public figure and managing director of the consulting agency Rumyantsev and Partners – served as moderator of the debates.

Does legal regulation of the internet contradict the principle of freedom of information? Can Russian production (movies, music, books, software) survive and compete without copyright being observed on the internet? Is agreement possible between the two camps of right holders and internet users? What kind of legislative and technological measures can reduce the number of copyright violations? The debate participants discussed these questions and others.

Owners and top managers of Russian and international companies and representatives of government and the media were guests of the event.

Informational partners: Business FM, Moskva 24,, Russky Pioner, RBC Style.

Official partners: Rumyantsev and Partners, Digital October, Rocketmind, Progress Bar, Prolab, Tourbillon, KislorodPrana, Grand Cru, Glenmorangie, Molinari.


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