Daniel Kraft: Digital Doctor in Your Pocket

January 18, 2012, 20:00 lecture


Wow! Innovations are coming!

Knowledge Stream educational project brings joy with its new lectures. Just look at this:

On January 18, Digital October welcomed the unparalleled Daniel Krafta physician and inventor! Dr. Kraft chairs the FutureMed Program at Singularity University and is truly dedicated to the company he founded, IntelliMedicine. His hard work and enthusiasm for the company have been reciprocated by the rewarding development of high-tech, personalized approaches to medical treatment.

His company was not, however, the focus of the January 18 discussion. In his lecture entitled “Personal Doctor in Your Pocket” Dr. Kraft discussed fascinating issues concerning how the development of digital technology improves medicine.

Issues covered by the lecture included: how to pour a liter of bone marrow into a bottle; how a chip can analyze your urine; whether or not Kinect can diagnose a microinfarction; how to print out a 3D leg and what will happen to physicians when smartphones are brought to the office.

Following Dr. Kraft's lecture, Digital October's conference hall hosted a meeting of Russian specialists in the field of medicine and digital technology: Evgeny Flerov – head of the Laboratory for Telemedicine and Computer Monitoring at the Russian Research Center of Surgery, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Candidate of Medical Sciences, winner of the award of the USSR Council of Ministers; Iliya Kupriyanov – expert in the field of promotion of pharmaceutical companies on the Internet, Development Director of Doctor At Work social networking site; Danila Medvedev – member of the coordination council of the Russian Transhumanist Movement, futurologist, host of TV program For the Future on Nauka 2.0 TV channel; Azamat Ulbashev – CEO of VitaPortal; Natalia Ushakova – President of autonomous non-profit organization "Opora Zdorovie", Vice-President of National Medical Board.


Supplementary materials:


  1. Daniel Kraft's biography.
  2. Chepkin S. Theories and Practices // Daniel Kraft believes that information technology should manage our health.
  3. Daniel Kraft: Medicine's future? There's an app for that. Lecture by Daniel Kraft about discoveries to be made on the boundary of medicine and Internet-technology during the next decade. (Video, English language)
  4. Daniel Kraft on the Future of Medicine. Discussion between Salim Ismail, a renowned strategist and businessman, and Dr. Kraft about innovative medical startups. (Video, English language)
  5. Brilliant businessman and co-founder of the International Space University Peter Diamandis and Qualcomm Augmented Reality Platform announce a competition to develop the first digital doctor.
  6. Inna German. Theories and Practices // Videolectures from Singularity University: Ageing, Bio-informatics and 3D-printing.
  7. Aaron Saenz. Syngularity HUB // Q&A With Dr. Daniel Kraft, Director of FutureMed At Singularity University.


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