Chain Reaction. Internet services for travellers

March 13, 2012, 18:30 seminar


On March 13th Digital October hosted the first event in the Chain Reaction series, devoted to pumping technology companies up to a new level of development with the help of crowdsourcing. Experts from various business sectors, as well as an offline and online audience, offered advices and contributed useful suggestions to startups.

What Chain Reaction offered to startups:

  • Organized, “smart” crowdsourcing, allowing you to obtain a host of good advice from experts in various fields and a creative, knowledgeable audience. The event will be broadcast online, allowing Internet viewers to participate in the discussions via Twitter. It will be possible to connect foreign experts to the discussion through telepresence technology.
  • A deep study of the industry as a whole through a careful selection of participating projects in one sector, and the invitation of specialized experts.
  • Mass media coverage thanks to a special project with With the assistance and support of Slon journalists, the portal will publish not only video and text materials from the event itself, but also news about a project’s further development after its participation in Chain Reaction.

Startups that have completed the phase of building a prototype and bringing in their first customers and that are now preparing for rapid business expansion and obtaining additional financing were invited to take part. Projects like these benefit from Chain Reaction the most, as it allowes for a realistic assessment of the current phase of development, with its flaws and achievements, and for seeing existing opportunities for business development.

Three companies take part in each of the series’ events. At the beginning, each makes a 10-minute presentation, followed by a discussion of the projects led by experts and the event facilitators.

The discussion is divided into three parts: the product and technical aspects of the project; the business model and obtaining financing; and marketing, markets, and competition. All comments and suggestions the project receives during the discussion are recorded for later viewing and use.

Those participating in Chain Reaction both in real life (sitting in the hall and talking with the project team and experts) and virtually (watching the broadcast online and posting tips on Twitter) were actively involved in the discussion. Entrepreneurs, professionals from IT companies and venture funds, and tech journalists were all invited to be viewers.

The theme of the March 13th event was “Internet Services for Travelers.” Ticket and hotel reservation services, review portals for travelers, and other services connected to the stated theme were invited to participate.

The experts appearing this time were:

  • Pavel Bogdanov, Partner at Almaz Capital;
  • Bas Godska, international expert in marketing, founder of business accelerator;
  • Raisa Levina, CEO of Anywayanyday Group;
  • Alexey Pelevin, UX Specialist at Anywayanyda;
  • Yanis Dzenis, Marketing Specialist at Aviasales.

Dmitry Repin, CEO of Digital October, and Anton Abashkin, Senior Manager at PwC, coordinated the crowdsourcing process.

This time the following startups participated in the event:

  1. Apartator - short-term renting service for private apartments;
  2. Travelata - online store that sells tours abroad;
  3. Click&Travel - booking service for tickets, hotels and excursions.

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