Conde Nast Digital Day 2014

April 10, 2014, 10:00 conference


On April 10th, the Digital October Center hosted CNDD, the fifth annual online marketing conference.

Founded four years ago as an internal seminar, today, the conference has grown into an influential forum that attracts the leading specialists from Russia, Europe, and the US. This year’s theme was: “Window on the Future: How Technologies are Changing the Media, Business, and Our Lives.”

The conference focused on the fast-changing media space: new platforms, new faces representing various industries, from advertising to cutting-edge technological development, recent achievements in digital marketing and e-commerce, etc.

Its program was divided into the following sections:

  • the future of fashion: how technology is changing the fashion industry;
  • the forecasters of the future: do we need a high-quality journalism industry if each one of us is making his or her own media?;
  • the future of finance: how online payments and crypto-currency are changing consumer behaviors;
  • the future of advertisement: the brands that are telling our stories;
  • the future of the world: how much personal information is available online about each one of us;
  • the future of culture: how the Internet and digital media are changing art, film, and music.


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