The Whole Truth About the Clouds

March 19, 2014, 09:00 conference

Saving Big Data in the cloud? Securing IT from the cloud? Managing employee mobile devices? Cloud & Mobility 2014 lecturers at the Digital October Center will uncover the entire truth about the cloud market and discuss what’s new.

Participants will:

  • discuss the issues associated with implementing clouds and access to them;
  • review mobile solutions as an important business tool;
  • study top business cases;
  • talk about the prospects for the development of cloud services in Russia and around the world;
  • learn how to use the newest cloud solutions.


The presentations will be grouped into three themed blocks: cloud solutions for business, corporate mobility, and cloud providers. Russian and foreign experts, in addition to specialists practiced in implementing tech advances in their work, will be speaking with those in attendance.

Research directors Chris Hazelton and Peter Folks will be among the foreigners speaking, while the participants will include Transaero, AKADO Telecom, Alpha-Bank, VimpelCom, and many other major companies.

Detailed information about the event is available here


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