Chain Reaction. Transport and car drivers

December 24, 2012, 18:30 seminar


A Chain Reaction TV show event was held at Digital October on December 24. Technology companies working in the transport services industry (taxi firms, cargo transportation, public transport etc.) or providing services for drivers (car websites, car park search services etc.) attended the event.

Chain Reaction gives you the opportunity to:

  • Perfect and rehearse your 5 minute presentation in front of specialists from PwC and Digital October,
  • Present your project on the big stage in front of an audience of 120 people, comprising specialists from the technology, finance and marketing spheres,
  • Get feedback from experts with extensive experience in creating projects for mothers and children, as well as business promotion and finance,
  • Get useful advice from beginners like you who are also working on developing their business and are prepared to share their experience and useful strategies,
  • Get a presentation of the main recommendations from the event and a recording of your presentation,
  • See your company in the report.


We selected three companies to participate in the “Transport and drivers” Chain Reaction event. The companies were analyzed according to the following three categories: product functionality and competition, business model and project financing, marketing and promotional channels. Experts and audience members gave their opinion, as well as people watched the webcast on the Digital October site using the #inchain twitter hashtag.


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