Chain Reaction. Dating Services

May 22, 2012, 18:30 seminar


On May 22, the third event of the series Chain Reaction — a romantic Spring one — took place at Digital October. Start-ups in the area of dating were invited to participate. Both web services and mobile applications were invited to participate.

What Chain Reaction offers to startups:

  • Organized, “intelligent” crowdsourcing allowing useful advice from experts of various specializations and a creative, sophisticated audience to be obtained. Internet transmission will take place during the event, allowing online viewers to participate in the discussions with the aid of Twitter. Foreign experts may be hooked up to the discussion via telepresence technology.
  • Deep development of industry as a whole thanks to attentive selection of project participants from one sector and the invitation of relevant experts.
  • Мedia showing on With the participation and support of journalists, not only video and text material from the event itself will be published on the portal, but also news about the further development of the project after its participation in Chain Reaction.

The following projects were presented on May 22:

  1. Flirtic ( — an international dating service that received its first round of investment from Almaz Capital Partners in the middle of 2011. Flirtic has also attracted Senior Vice President of MySpace April Henry to its board of directors.
  2. Marrylab ( — a dating service with a scientific approach allowing a partner to be selected according to DNA compatibility and various psychological parameters.
  3. Yumixo ( — is a new cellular dating service that is currently at the stage of beta-testing but is interesting on the strength of its original idea: users are asked at the beginning to think up the place and type of the date, for which a couple is then found. A presentation of the project can be seen here.

Four experts evaluated the projects. Two of them are:

  • Sergei Khabarov, former General Director of the dating service TeAmo, which is currently developing its e-Commerce aspect in the German venture fund Rocket Internet;
  • Dmitry Satin, General Director of USABILITYLAB. He is one of the leading usability specialists in Russia, President of the Russian division of UPA, Executive Editor of User Experience Magazine for the CIS countries and Eastern Europe, a creator of training courses, and a moderator of international conferences on usability.
  • Andrei Borisevich, Director of the Internet Department of Hearst Shkulev Media. More than 14 years of experience in the area of information technologies and interactive projects (the internet and cellular connection), of which 12 were in project management. In the last two years, has been concerned with questions of venture investment and became a business angel (including for a dating service) and an expert in questions of evaluating startups and investment attraction and merger and acquisition deals.

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