Buddha and Google Glass: Meditation in the Digital Age

December 3, 2013, 19:00 seminar

On December 3rd, the Digital October Center hosted “Meditation and Metacognition for Advanced Users”, a seminar led by Igor Berkhin, a mathematician who has mastered the methods of traditional Buddhist meditation and has spent the last ten years teaching the ways in which it can be applied in the modern world.

Igor explained why these ancient practices are steadily gaining in popularity amongst people working on the cutting edge of science and innovation, and why the digital technologies market is practically overflowing with gadgets and content for users with an interest in meditation.

During his presentation, one could also learn:

  • why Google has opened a special company to teach its employees about meditation;
  • why the founders and top executives of Facebook, PayPal, Twitter, LinkedIn and Zynga gather each year for a private conference featuring specialists in meditation and yoga;
  • what benefits meditation has in modern society and how it relates to cognitive evolution and processes;
  • why the US-based National Institute of Health devotes $150 million to meditation research each year, and why leading physicists and geneticists regularly meet with the Dalai Lama.



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