BSSL: What are your employees not saying?

May 24, 2013, 10:00 master class

On May 24th, at the Digital October Center, BSSL conducted a series of open master classes led by its specialists, partners, and clients. BSSL is a company specializing in business sociometry and the development of HR tools.

Presenters included: Aleksandr Larionov, mathematician, psychologist, and CEO of BSSL, and Andrey Skvortsov, television host and CEO of the Mercator company.

Hosts shared their unique insights about “network” personnel evaluations using the 360 Degrees system, and also discussed:

  • The fact that every employee in an organization is linked by an invisible social network, and how and why it’s both possible and essential to analyze that network;
  • How to evaluate the quality of questions in a survey, why you need that kind of evaluation, and how it should be executed;
  • How to learn more about unfolding corporate culture without turning to expensive research;
  • How to predict employee dismissal and departure;
  • What employees do when they don’t want to answer the questions on a survey, and how to use that knowledge to your company’s benefit;
  • What has the greatest negative effect on the accuracy of a bi-lateral survey.


9:30 – Participant arrival, complimentary coffee

10:00 – Welcome from Aleksandr Larionov (BSSL)

10:05 – “The Assessment Market: Errors and Enlightenment (Using BSSL as a sample business project)”, Andrey Skvortsov (Mercator)

10:15 – “Methods and Application of Modern Sociometry ”, Aleksandr Larionov (BSSL)

11:00 – “Experiencing Azimut and 360 Degrees”, Svetlana Olshanskaya (Smartberry Research)

11:30 – “Using the 360 Automated Evaluation System”, Maksim Kravtsov (BSSL)

11:50-12:10 – Break

12:10 – “Analyzing Effective Questions”, Alena Kudryavtseva (BSSL)

12:25 – “Predicting Employee Dismissal”, Marina Borisova (BSSL)

12:45 –“360 Degrees’ Online Evaluation Option”, Aleksandr Larionov (BSSL)

13:05 – “Two Years’ Experience Using 360 and Azimut”, Andrey Skvortsov (Mercator)

13:25 – “H.grader: Quick and Affordable Evaluation Methods”, Aleksandr Larionov (BSSL)


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