Brainwashing iOS development

July 7 – 8, 2012, 10:00 master class

On July 7-8 Digital October hosted the first workshop Brainwashing iOS development by Any VoidZeptoLab and Evil Martians.

Two-day intensive course was aimed at increase of level and quality of iOS-development using Cocoa Touch and Objective-C. The participants got acknowledged with practically well proven solutions. They can use them in their next applications, making them more advanced and easy in support.

Course was oriented at practicing iOS-developers and those managing mobile applications. The course held by four instructors from Any Void and ZeptoLab.

The course consists of blocks with theory and practical tasks on each of the themes. Some of them are:

  • iOS architecture, main frameworks, work with memory, ARC;
  • work with flows, Grand Central Dispatch;
  • development of UI applications, life-cycle of the application, CoreGraphics, CoreText, CoreAnimation;
  • work with net: safe work with API, cashing, Apple Push Notification Service;
  • work with data;
  • and many others.


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