Brainwashing by Evil Martians

July 14 – 15, 2012, 10:00 master class

On July 14–15, instructors from the company Evil Martians held a master class on development using Ruby on Rails at Digital October. As in March, a class for 18 participants was held by three instructors. The class included eight basic sections, each of which consisted of theoretical and practical parts.

Participants in the class obtained new knowledge that would be able to start using in practice as early as on the next day.

The master class devoted to the following themes:

  • how to determine what is wrong with an application and how to fix it;
  • how to optimize and automate the front end;
  • how to organize work with a code;
  • how to prepare an application for high loads and solve concomitant problems that arise.

Brainwashing was useful for experienced developers using Ruby on Rails, architects, and team leaders.


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