Mobility & EDMS Business Breakfast

January 26, 2012, 09:30 seminar

How long ago have you had a business breakfast? Would you like to have one?

On January 26th, you had such an opportunity. At Digital October, InterTrust that launched “CompanyMedia EDMS – Make it Open!” Project had a business breakfast and discuss the impact that mobile technology has on the development of EDMS and ECM [1].

Today, every other employee of every other company uses an iPhone to send and receive business correspondence, or a Galaxy Tab to prepare presentations and signs contracts remotely. Is it possible, and, more important, is there a need to manage all corporate documents using a mobile device? There is much to think about.

We had dared to write a small poem on the occasion of the business breakfast:

Mobility’s now not a fashion, it’s broader! For me, it is as essential as water!

Those who learned it by heart got a free welcoming coffee! (Those who not, also did.)

[1] Vocabulary:

EDMS — electronic document management system; ECM — enterprise content management system (or extracellular matrix in biology); Mobility — agility and ability to move and act quickly.


  • Konstantin Sinyushin, The Untitled Venture Capital, CEO & CoFounder;
  • Anatoly Morgunov, Vnesheconombank, Head of IT System Operation Department;
  • Vladimir Samodelov, VTB Bank, Head of IT System Implementation and Support Department;
  • Alexei Telekovsky, InterTrust, Development Center Director Facilitator — Vladislav Borkus, TNK-BP.

Questions for discussion:

1. What is mobility in the context of EDMS – merely access to the same data from mobile devices or something more?

2. What should a mobile EDMS workstation look like – a universal web-client or a proprietary mobile application for every type of devices?

3. Is mobility needed for common employees or is it important for executives only?

4. Can mobility make business processes more adaptive and democratic?


100000000000000081388819 show Stanislav
journalist and analyst
100000000000000204411912 show Danila

100000000000002170673104 show Konstantin
СEO & CoFounder
The Untitled Venture Capital
100000000000002532375342 show Vladislav
Project/Program Manager
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