Business Online: The Future of e-Commerce

March 30, 2012, 09:00 conference

Today, e-commerce is booming in Russia. More and more people either purchase goods and services over the Internet or are themselves opening businesses online. According to research agency Data Insight, the volume of retail e-commerce in 2011 totaled about 310 billion rubles. The growth forecast for 2012 shows a 22% increase.

What are the prospects for e-commerce and is it worth it to do business online? There are a number of objective causes hindering the expected expansion of the industry, which, if removed, would lead to a significant increase in market size. One major impediment is professionals who deflect questions on the progress of information technologies and the cost effectiveness of e-commerce.

Improving the quality of goods delivery (primarily by mail), logistics, and expanding the range of online business’ goods and services––all these issues were discussed at Digital October on March 30th at “Business Online: The Future of e-Commerce.” This conference brought together professionals with different and sometimes conflicting views on the success and/or impending doom of e-business in Russia.

In addition, participants discussed:

  • trends in the development of group buying services;
  • opportunities for mobile services to attract customers;
  • new methods and approaches for promoting online retailers;
  • ways of developing and implementing payment systems;
  • social network activity during the election period and how to take advantage of it to attract customers.


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