Business Forum Day Two

May 17, 2012, 10:00 forum


On May 17, the second day of the Business Forum took place within the walls of the Moscow’s most innovational exhibition area, Digital October. In the course of the two days of the Forum, four sessions were held:

  • “The industry of entertainment and content” (first day).
  • “The Internet and wireless cellular technologies” (first day).
  • “Innovational banking technologies 2012. Contemporary solutions. Financial and investment cooperation between banks of Russia and Asia”.
  • “New media. Actual advertisements and marketing solutions”.

Around one hundred speakers from leading world international companies and leaders in national markets participated in a discussion of relevant themes in the Forum’s basic sessions. Speakers from China, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, and other countries, who shared their experience in promising technologies and innovational solutions, were of special interest.


Session: “Innovational banking technologies 2012. Contemporary solutions. Financial and investment cooperation between banks of Russia and Asia”

Banks are also playing a role in the development of the new digital environment. Against a background of increasing trade turnaround in e-commerce, monetization of many services, and an increase in the stream of electronic money, representatives of the global banking system are offering new innovational solutions, payment systems, and business models.

Session moderator:

  • Michael Bornhäusser – Founder of Sallfort Privatbank AG, head of Private Equity, Products & Services, founder and managing partner of 5CCG (Switzerland).

Session leaders:

  • Viktor Orlovsky – Senior vice-president of Sberbank RF;
  • Alexei Kartrich – Sberbank RF.

Special guests:

  • Igor Parfenov – Acting director of Megafon (Russia);
  • Aeroflot (Russia);
  • Qualcomm (United States).

Reports were given by:

  • Arkady Dvorkovich – Staff of the President of the RF;
  • Ruben Aganbegyan – President and representative of the management of the United Stock Exchange;
  • Vladimir Davydov – Coowner and managing partner of Completo;
  • Gagerin Tosunyan – President of ARB;
  • Dmitry Ananev – Representative of the committee of the Federation Council on financial markets and monetary treatment;
  • Ruben Vardanyan – Representative of the Board of Directors of Troika Dialogue;
  • Stanislav Naumov – Vice-president of the Skolkova foundation;
  • Chzhen Weidun – President of Moscow branch of Industrial & Commercial Bank of China;
  • Valery Tikhonovich – Representative of the general director of Qulix Systems;
  • Sergei Chernomorov – Representative of the Board of Directors of Handy Bank;
  • Sergei Mednov – Member of managenemt of Alfa Bank, head of the Information Technologies division of Alfa Bank;
  • Lu Wei – Vice-president of Bank of China;
  • Alexandr Blank – Director of UBS Bank;
  • Ferdinando Pelacco – Head of representation of UBI Group in Russia;
  • Gao Zhun – Head of representation of the China Construction Bank;
  • and representatives of the companies Microsoft, MFM Solutions, Sberbank Rossy, VTB, GK Ai Ti, Vympelkom, iDA Mobile, MegaLabs, and NB Trast; venture funds; government organizations; business associations; and unions.

For whom may this be of interest?

For representatives of the banking sector, especially the financial community, and everyone who works with e-commerce or any activity in the digital environment (Internet or cellular). For those who organize or assist startups. For those who look at investments in new innovational projects or are thinking about putting resources into them. Advertising agencies and marketing companies. And all those who are looking at business from Asia, especially from such countries as China, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.


Session: “New media. Actual advertising and marketing solutions”

Advertising is an engine of trade, and not only this. Today, Advertising can be an engine of the entire digital environment. The development of advertising can develop along with media. The new media are intensely developing in many sectors and countries, overtaking traditional media. The volumes of advertising on the Internet and in the cellular market are often exceeded by those of traditional advertising sectors, but in the new environment, with new technologies, previously invisible possibilities and new tools are opening up for carrying out marketing and for advertising companies. The synergy between the new media and advertising companies promises exciting things for the future, a series of which have already been fulfilled in record-breaking results. Speakers shared the experience of the new media in Asia in the session “New media. Actual advertisements and marketing solutions.”

Reports were given by:

  • Bill Yanbin Zang – Chair of the State Committee on the Audio Recording Industry of China, vice-president of the Audio-Video Association of China, vice-president of Shanghai Synergy Culture & Entertainment Group/Shanghai Media and Entertainment Group (China);
  • Ed Yen – Head of the Taiwanese State Committee of Information PMPO, director of televization of the Asian Olympic Games, chair of the State Committee of the National State Prize Taiwan Golden Melody Award (Taiwan);
  • Michael Shneider – Founder and general director of Mobile Roadie (United States);
  • Scarlett Li – General director of Zebra Media (China);
  • Takahashi Tadahiko – President of Coolfin (Japan);
  • Nozomi Daikuhara – Music publisher, at the present time, one of the heads of Universal Music Publishing (Japan);
  • Eric De Fontanay – Founder and chief editor of Musicdish China (United States/China);
  • Magnus Felke – Marketing director of Qualcomm (United States);
  • Christian Ulf-Hansen – Founder of the telecompany Big Fit Films (United Kingdom);
  • Vadim Kulikov – Chair of the Commission on Innovational Development of the Market and Commercial Communications AKAP (Russia);
  • Jessica Kam – Senior television director and film producer, founder of the telecompany Hard Farm, TV Award Nominee (China);
  • Irina Gerasimova – General director of FGUP Russian State Musical Teleradiocenter (Russia);
  • Matthias Röder – Head of the Eliette und Herbert von Karajan Institute (Germany);
  • Azamat Tseboev – Founder and chief editor of Menu Magazine (Russia);
  • Hajime Taniguchi – Chair of management of the Music Publishers Association of Japan (MPAJ), president of Avex Music Publishing Inc. (Japan);
  • Mirek Wasowicz – Sales director in Eastern Europe of IgnitionOne (Belgium);
  • Evgeny Safronov – Founder and general director of the Intermedia agency (Russia);
  • Alex Fidelman – General director of iMusic TV (Germany);
  • Annelies Van Den Belt – President of SUP;
  • Andrei Yakushin – Cofounder and head of RА Sorek Media (Russia);
  • Special guest – Dentsu (Japan);
  • Special guest – SNOB (Россия);
  • Special guest – RBC (Россия);
  • Special guest – HKGFM (Hong Kong);
  • and representatives of venture funds, telecommunications companies, and banks.

For whom may this be of interest?

In the first place, for everyone who engages in advertising work and marketing in the digital environment. Representatives of the advertising business and marketers who are not involved in the digital environment found much that is useful for them both on the level of general development and for reaching their working goals. The session was interesting for everyone who works in commerce or whose business in one way or another is present in the digital environment and for those who are connected with advertising, promoting their goods and services, or scaling their presence on the Internet. The session was of interest for representatives of banks for getting to know their clients better, for representatives of the telecommunications market, and, of course, for everyone who is interested in innovations and the near future. is a unique platform where Asia, Europe, and America meet; where the entertainment industry, content, and media encounter new digital and wireless technologies; where speakers meet an audience; representatives of digital services with potential clients; and where they find new connections and possibilities. The Forum is unique, the sole forum of such structure in Moscow, not only in terms of content and structure, but also because precisely because of this Europe and Asia can obtain the possibility of meeting and exchanging experience. Heads of the Federation Council, RSPP, ARB, TPP, and AKAR are members of the Trustee Council of The world presentation of took place in January 2012 in Cannes (France) in the framework of the enormous exhibition of innovational technology MIDEM.


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