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May 16, 2012, 10:00 forum


On May 16, the opening of the Business Forum took place within the walls of the Moscow’s most innovational exhibition area, Digital October. In the course of the two days of the Forum, four sessions were held:

  • “The industry of entertainment and content” .
  • “The Internet and wireless cellular technologies”.
  • “Innovational banking technologies 2012. Contemporary solutions. Financial and investment cooperation between banks of Russia and Asia” (second day).
  • “New media. Actual advertisements and marketing solutions” (second day).

Around one hundred speakers from leading world international companies and leaders in national markets participated in a discussion of relevant themes in the Forum’s basic sessions. Speakers from China, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, and other countries, who shared their experience in promising technologies and innovational solutions, were of special interest.


Session: “The industry of entertainment and content”

It is a secret to no one that hard content, that is, productions of audio recordings – clips, animation, films, games – is the basic locomotive in the digital area. Hundreds of millions of people daily search the Net for such content, listen to it, look at it, load it, share it, and create it. For many sectors of serious and large business developing in the digital area, models of user behavior with entertainment content, models of preferences, recommendations, and payments, are a basis for analytical research and making decisions on serious issues far from entertainment.

The content produced by the entertainment industry always occupies first place in search queries. It is that around which many users of the Net live. It is that around which many services are formed that work in the digital area – delivery services, and payment and advertising services. Is that around which new business models are developed.

Leading specialists of the entertainment industry from Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, England, the United States, Europe, the CIS, and Russia discussed their lectures and debates and, at a round table, about how the entertainment industry exists in their countries, who it is developing in the digital area, and what perspectives they see in the creation of a unified ecosystem, emerging from cultural and economic coming together.

Reports were given by:

  • Hajime Taniguchi – Chair of management of the Music Publishers Association of Japan (MPAJ), president of Avex Music Publishing Inc. (Japan);
  • Bill Yanbin Zang – Chair of the State Committee on the Audio Recording Industry of China, vice-president of the Audio-Video Association of China, vice-president of Shanghai Synergy Culture & Entertainment Group/Shanghai Media and Entertainment Group (China);
  • Nozomi Daikuhara – Music publisher, at the present time, one of the heads of Universal Music Publishing (Japan);
  • Vadim Ponomarev – Founder and general director of (Russia);
  • Ed Yen – Head of the Taiwanese State Committee of Information PMPO, director of televization of the Asian Olympic Games, chair of the State Committee of the National State Prize Taiwan Golden Melody Award (Taiwan);
  • Yurii Rozum – People’s Artist of Russia, pianist, professor, head of the Piano Department of the Gnesin Russian Academy of Music (Russia);
  • Jean Hsiao Wernheim – Head of the International Department of Shanghai Synergy Culture and Entertainment Group/Shanghai Media and Entertainment Group (SMEG) (Sweden/China);
  • Takahashi Tadahiko – President of Coolfin (Japan);
  • Christian Ulf-Hansen – Founder of the company Plan C Management, telecompany Big Fit Films, and recording business Telescopic Baby (United Kingdom) ;
  • Scarlett Li – General director of Zebra Media (China);
  • Greig Watts – Writer/producer, founder of DWB Music Ltd. (United Kingdom);
  • Konstantin Khankhalaev – Founder of Khankhalaev Gallery (Russia);
  • Jessica Kam – Senior television director and film producer, founder of the telecompany Hard Farm, TV Award Nominee (China);
  • Sergei Pudovkin – Producer of Vitas (Russia);
  • Nick John Wood – Famous composer, founder and head of Syn K.K., award-winning composer (Japan);
  • Mikhail Bublik – Author, performer (Russia);
  • Matthias Röder – Head of the Eliette und Herbert von Karajan Institute (Germany);
  • Zhou Xian Yun – Artist, master of guo hua technique (China);
  • Igor Matvienko – Composer, founder of the Igor Matvienko Producing Center (Russia);
  • James Matsuki – Coproducer of the Tokyo Music Festival in New York (Japan);
  • Eric De Fontanay – Founder and chief editor of Musicdish China (United States/China);
  • Alexandr Tikhonov – Main analyst of the Intermedia agency (Russia);
  • Minako Ota – Artist (Japan);
  • Igor Ovrutskii – Program director of Radip Orfei (Russia);
  • Ruhan – Singer, actress (China);
  • Evegenii Safronov – Founder and general director of the Intermedia agency (Russia);
  • Wicked Aura – Artist/group (Singapore);
  • Alexandr Shulgin – Author and composer, founder of the Familiya group of companies, founder of (Russia);
  • and others.

For whom may this be of interest?

Without question, for anyone who works in the entertainment industry, regardless of their position or the company of this area in which they work. It can be interesting for related sectors working with content, such as media, the Internet, and telecommunications; advertising; and, of course, marketing.


Session: “The Internet and wireless cellular technologies”

The digital environment is expanding. There are practically no companies that have not moved part of their business over to this digital environment to some extent, and a range of companies have completely digitalized their business and based themselves in this new environment. The significance of this phenomenon, as well as the opportunities that are opening up not only for social communications, but for the widest features of business, is indisputable. Even greater opportunities are opening up now in the area of wireless technologies. New-generation LTE networks will almost completely replace fixed connections, including the Internet. What will this be? How will it be? And what advantages will one be able to obtain if one understands and uses the new services? All of this could be learned at the session “The Internet and wireless cellular technologies.”

Reports were given by:

  • Anastassia Lauterbach – Senior vice-president of Qualcomm Europe (United States);
  • Nick John Wood – composer, founder and head of Syn K.K., award-winning composer (Japan);
  • Michael Shneider – Founder and general director of Mobile Roadie (United States);
  • BOLDO – Artist (Japan);
  • Special guest – IBM;
  • Special guest – Microsoft;
  • Special guest – Megafon;
  • Special guest – Evroset;
  • Special guest – Yota;
  • Special guest – Skolkovo;
  • Special guest – ROSNANO;
  • Special guest – RVC;
  • Special guest – UK Lider;
  • Special guest – Minekonomrazvitiya;
  • Special guest – Minobrazovaniya;
  • Special guest – Minsvyazi;
  • As well as representatives of venture funds, heads of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy, and Entrepreneurship of the City of Moscow ;
  • and another 30 speakers from leading companies of America, Europe, and Asia, who will participate in a series of special lectures.

For whom may this be of interest?

For all people working in IT, telecommunications, and software companies; companies connected with computers and networks; and companies that engage in advertising, marketing, e-commerce, and other types of business in the digital or cellular area; media and content companies; and everyone who is interested in the future that is awaiting us in the next five years.


Look at the schedule for the second day of the Forum here. is a unique platform where Asia, Europe, and America meet; where the entertainment industry, content, and media encounter new digital and wireless technologies; where speakers meet an audience; representatives of digital services with potential clients; and where they find new connections and possibilities. The Forum is unique, the sole forum of such structure in Moscow, not only in terms of content and structure, but also because precisely because of this Europe and Asia can obtain the possibility of meeting and exchanging experience. Heads of the Federation Council, RSPP, ARB, TPP, and AKAR are members of the Trustee Council of The world presentation of took place in January 2012 in Cannes (France) in the framework of the enormous exhibition of innovational technology MIDEM.

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