Bill Hutchison Lecture: Creating Intelligent Communities of the Future: The Revitalization of Toronto’s Waterfront

July 14, 2011, 19:00

On July 14th in Digital October Center, Bill Hutchinson, one of the world’s leading experts on innovative urban development, delivered a lecture on “Creating Intelligent Communities of the Future: The Revitalization of Toronto’s Waterfront.”

The event was held by Skolkovo Open University with the support of Ernst & Young.

The lecture was devoted to the construction of “intelligent communities,” a concept that has recently become popular in global urban expansion and information technology development. It covered social, economic, and environmental strategies for creating “cities of the future.” Hutchison also discussed a specific project to modernize the city of Toronto’s waterfront. Waterfront Toronto is currently in charge of redeveloping 800 hectares of the city’s neglected waterfront adjacent to Toronto’s business district. By the time the project is completed, over $35 billion in investments will result in the creation of new residences, offices, and parking for 120,000 people. More than 20,000 knowledge economy specialists are at work on the project.

William (Bill) H. Hutchison is an entrepreneur and engineer, a member of the Canadian Information Processing Society, the CEO of Hutchison Management International, and Chair of the i-Canada Alliance. From 2006 to 2011, Hutchison served as Executive Director of Intelligent Community Initiatives: Waterfront Toronto, where he spearheaded a project to create one of the world’s most advanced communications systems. Previously, Hutchison worked at Ernst & Young as the National Director of the Information, Communications, and Entertainment Industries, and was also Vice-Chairman of the National Advisory Board for Science and Technology, a founder and head of the Kids’ Internet Safety Alliance (KINSA), and Founder and Director of CANARIE Inc. He was awarded the first Lifetime Achievement Award from the Intelligent Community Forum in New York for his work in creating smart cities. He also won a Canadian Information Productivity Award and was a Fellow at the Canadian Information Processing Society.


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