Big Picture: the future of the Russian oil and gas industry

December 12, 2013, 09:30 conference


On December 12, the Digital October Center hosted an international multimedia conference as part of the Big Picture cycle, a project put on in concert with Kommersant that brings together leaders from different sectors of the economy to discuss key changes and the search for growth points in their industries.

Representatives of the government; managers at different levels within the oil and gas sectors; delegates from services companies, profile associations, scientific and research organizations; and other experts got together to discuss the modernization and development of the government regulation area and issues related to competitiveness on the global market and attracting investment. They also tried to develop a unified strategy of development for the Russian oil and gas industry in light of new challenges.

The following topics were touched on during the discussions:

  • How will competition develop on the internal gas market in Russia?
  • Which CIS market goals is Russia setting up and how is the country planning to reach them?
  • How will the liberalization of gas exports affect the power alignment in the industry?
  • Tax legislation: what effect might changes in the tax code have on the investment climate in the oil and gas industry?
  • Which innovative approaches and ideas are essential for the oil and gas sector?
  • New prospecting technology
  • Applying modern IT solutions to analysis and the development of deposits
  • Methods for boosting oil yields: how can deposits be given a “second life”?
  • How should the environment be protected when developing the oil and gas complex?
  • Which ecological programs are being implemented by companies today?



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