BBC World Questions

October 2, 2017, 18:00

On October 2nd, the BBC’s flagship radio programme, World Questions, comes to Moscow.  A panel of leading politicians and thinkers will join BBC presenter Allan Little at Digital October, in the Red October building at 6pm to debate questions from a public audience on Russia’s social, political and international future. 

The BBC World Service is holding a series of debates across the world in a time of change.

BBC World Questions - an international series of English language events - allows the public to question their politicians, leaders and opinion formers directly face to face. The debates are led entirely by questions from the audience who are able to have their voices heard around the world.

No one on the panel knows what will be asked until the night itself. Be part of the audience and have your say in our first debate in Russia. You will be invited to a cocktail reception before the recording, and your question may be one of 10 selected for the members of the panel to answer. Register now for free to join the debate when BBC World Service comes to Moscow:

In these times of change, what is Russia’s role in the world? How do Russians view their country’s rich history and its future? How is the country coping with economic challenges? What do voters think about next year’s presidential elections?

BBC World Questions is an English language event. Registration to this event does not guarantee you a seat. Seats will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.  


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