Banking with efficiency. Business-lunch with WebProfiters

March 29, 2012, 11:00 business breakfast

On March 29th business breakfast with IContext and WebProfiters took place at Digital October. It was focused on planning, conduct and efficiency of bank advertisement campaigns.

The main part of the event was WebProfiters presentation of the results of extensive research on site efficiency and advertising campaign of banking organizations. The report concerned such issues as comparison study of traffic sources quality, analysis of efficiency of different bank portals, search systems, sources of commercial advertisement and social services.

The important speech was delivered by Yevgeniy Doronin, head of the internet-communications at Renessans Credit bank. It was devoted to online requests of the site visitors and the key aspects of its efficiency.

The participants also discussed the main points of banks advertisement campaigns at social networks and the ways of analysis of its efficiency.

The meeting agenda:                                         

  • Internet advertisement at banking sphere (Yelena Vymorovka, iContext);
  • site efficiency and banking organizations advertising companies research (Andrey Yunisov, WebProfiters);
  • targeted advertisement at Vkontakte and Facebook social networks (Aleksey Fedin, iContext);
  • online request which are filled in (Yevgeniy Doronin, Renessans-Credit).


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